Specialist Path

Right of Way Professional Career Path
The Right of Way (R/W) Certification Program offers certification in four right of way disciplines, plus the Uniform Act and the Appraisal Cross Certification. Right of Way certification is granted to candidates who have achieved professional status through experience, education and examination in a specific discipline.

IRWA stands for the highest standard of excellence. As such, its certification and designation path is a rigorous process that will work to differentiate you from other professionals. Our high standards have enabled us to create a distinction that is universally respected by customers, businesses and colleagues across most disciplines.

Earning a Certification will help boost opportunities and salary potential. Certifications expand employment opportunities, increases salary potential, boosts chances for career advancement and demonstrates professional commitment.

Our Specialist Certification Programs

IRWA has four discipline certifications plus the Uniform Act and the Appraisal Cross Certification.

Revised Program Guides

  • R/W-AC Appraisal Certification Program Guide
  • R/W-AMC Asset/Property Management Certification Program Guide
  • R/W-NAC Negotiation and Acquisition Certification Program Guide
  • R/W-RAC Relocation Assistance Certification Program Guide
  • R/W-URAC Uniform Act Certification Program Guide
  • Appraisal Cross Certification Program Guide
    • Retired

    • R/W-EC Environmental Certification Program Guide

      2012 CHANGES TO CREDENTIALING PROGRAM – SR/WA Comprehensive Exams & Ethics Requirement for Recertification

      Effective July 1, 2013, in accordance with Canadian tax laws, IRWA will begin charging GST/HST on credentialing applications for our Canadian participants. Use the table below to determine the applicable percentage of GST/HST:

      AB, BC, MB, NU, NW, SK, YT 5% GST/HST
      QC 14.975% GST/QST
      PEI 14% GST/HST
      ON 13% GST/HST
      NF, NB 15% GST/HST
      NS 15% GST/HST